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Insurance 101/Caldwell Insurance Intro!

Insurance 101

Hello! My name is Derek Jimenez and I am an Insurance Agent who specializes in programs for the Fitness, Health and Wellness industry. I work at Caldwell Insurance Agency located in Southern California, and we are one of the top California agencies in our insured industries. My Fitness, Health and Wellness program can apply to Gyms, Crossfits, Yoga Studios, Massage Parlors, Physical Therapy, Day Spas, etc. That might sound like a very broad definition for an industry, and it is for good reason. As you know, gyms come in all shapes and sizes, and no gym is the same as another. Some gyms have pools, saunas, chiropractors, etc. and every one of these businesses needs to be insured uniquely to ensure comprehensive coverage at a fair cost. That is my job, in a nutshell. To make sure that the business they worked hard to build is insured appropriately. With so many new trends popping up in the fitness industry (CrossFit most recently), it’s apparent that we are working in a constantly evolving business landscape, and it is important to have an agent that is up to date with the industry (or read my blog regularly, of course). For those familiar with CrossFit, you know that there is almost an unlimited amount of ways they can exercise, so how can those companies be insured? An insurance company will always want to know exactly what risks the company is exposed to, but how can they know the risks if a CrossFit is changing their workouts and location every other week? Don’t worry, these are the types of questions I am going to answer in my articles, but if you would like to talk about a specific subject sooner I welcome you to send me a message through email, Twitter, Facebook or carrier pigeon. I ask two things of you, as a reader: Be patient and try to learn. I am going to begin with what I consider to be Insurance 101, some of this might be a simple information tune-up for veteran business owners or agents, but a lot of it will be good information any owner (new or old) can use. As time progresses and I write more articles, I will get more and more advanced and also reference past articles so that any new readers can catch up quickly. Our agency also specializes in the Pest Control, Fumigation and Termite (Branch 1-3) industry, as well as the School and non-profit industries. We will also be covering topics in those industries as well as the commercial insurance industry in general. We have worked hard to build this business, site and blog...so do us a favor! Simply share this blog wherever you can so that our work does not go to waste. Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more! Derek I. Jimenez Lic. # 0K18952 Fitness, Health and Welness Insurance Agent Office: (562) 697-6200 Toll Free: (800) 662-0596 DIJimenez@Caldwellins.com

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